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Dynatone SGP-600


The SGP-600 adds on modernistic appeal by processing its nickel plated cabinet the same way acoustic pianos do theirs. While maintaining the beauty of grand piano looks, its compact and slim cabinet design allows it to be used in family settings where space is limited. The majestic sound of 2 channel 6 speakers booming out of its refined compact body is yet another appeal of the SGP-600.
Dynatone's newest sound source, the ROS V.5 Plus is implemented to produce finest quality sounds, and the wooden hammer action keyboard New RHA-3W emulates the touch of acoustic grand pianos. Bench included.

Model Name SGP-600
Keyboard New RHA-3W
Wooden Key
Polyphony Note Max. 256
Sound Preset Sound EXV 10 + 13
* Source ROS V.5 Plus
Multi Layered Full Scale Sound 2 Pianos
Multi Layered Sound 3 Pianos
Total Bank Memory Size 8G bit
Piano Effect Full Scale String Resonance Sound Yes (Fixed)
Damper Resonance Digital Effect Yes (Fixed)
DSP Reverb HD Reverb
Pedal 3 (Soft/Sostenuto/Damper)
Support Half Damper Pedal
USB connection MIDI Interface Yes
Audio Interface Yes (48KHz 24bit)
Compatibility USB 2.0
PC/ Mac/ iOS/ Android
Record 1 Track X 1 Song
Function Layer Yes (Adjustable Vol.)
Split Yes (Adjustable Vol.)
Twin Piano Yes
Master Tune Yes
Master Key- Transpose Yes
Touch Yes
Metronome Yes
Terminal D Box Yes
USB to Host USB Type B
Stereo Audio Out RCA
Stereo Audio In RCA
Pedal In In
Output 50W + 50W
(2-Way 4 Speakers)
Dimension (W x L x H) 1400 x 905 x 795 mm

Manufacturers warranty

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