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SLP-210 in rose wood. Adopted with a slim type cabinet, is a musical instrument product suitable for practice at home because it produces a rich sound despite its small cabinet. It has 18 carefully selected voices, and its LED display on its left control panel enables easy operation.

Model Name SLP-210
Keyboard New RHA
Polyphony Note Max. 81
Sound Preset Sound 18 Voices
(When connected to MIDI,
GM 128 + 1 Drum Set + 1 SFX)
* Source ROS V.3 Plus
Multi Layered Sound 1 Piano
Total Bank Memory Size 256M bit
Display 3 Digit LED
Music Classical Music 50 Music (Internal)
Educational Music Beyer 106
Czerny 100-30-40
Burgmuller 25
Sonatine - with Left & Right hand practice function
Music Key Transpose No
DSP Reverb Reverb
Effect Effect
Pedal 3 (Soft/Sostenuto/Damper)
USB connection MIDI Interface Yes
Audio Interface Yes (48KHz 24bit)
Compatibility USB 2.0
PC/ Mac/ iOS/ Android
Record 2 Track X 1 Song
Function Layer Yes
Split Yes
Twin Piano Yes
Master Tune Yes
Master Key- Transpose Yes
Touch Yes
Metronome Yes
Terminal USB to Host USB Type B
Stereo Audio Out 3.5mm Stereo
Stereo Audio In (MP3 in) 3.5mm Stereo
Pedal In In
Output 12W + 12W
(1Way-2 Speakers)
Dimension (W x L x H) 1380 x 415 x 835 mm

Manufacturers warranty